Private Spanish Lessons

An expert Spanish tutor dedicated help you with lessons tailored to your specific needs, from tricky grammar rules to career-specific vocabulary.


For all kinds of students

Spanish learners ages 6 and up are welcome to sign up for private tutoring lessons. Whether you’re the parent of a child in Spanish immersion school, or an older adult just beginning your Spanish journey, we will provide programming to complement your other classes and activities.


We fit your busy schedule

Spanish Tutoring sessions are one hour long and can be scheduled at your convenience. We only require 24 hours advance notice, so you can bring us in last minute to help prepare you for a test! No need to sign up for the same time every week — we can work around your schedule.


Spanish classes tailored to you

You get to choose what we cover in tutoring sessions. Potential topics include vocabulary related to your job, a grammar topic you’ve been struggling with, or even just conversation practice. Our teachers will come prepared with activities and materials to help you work towards your goals.

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